I'm a developer who cares about people first. I've worked with some very talented people at places like Design Centric, Bold, Happy Cog, Vector Media Group, Able Lending. I've had the privilege of interacting directly with great clients and primary stakeholders at CERN, Associated Press, Pole to Win, Lookout, and more.

What I do well:

  • Craft CMS website implementations with a strong focus on author experience
    I have a history of very happy clients who love Craft; a CMS that is actually enjoyable for developer and content author alike.
  • Front-end application development
    I was building "Rich Internet Applications" with Adobe Flex before HTML5 was around and SPA was a thing. I have professional experience with Angular 1.x, I prefer Vue.js, and I'm eager to learn React.
  • Learn new things
    I like to solve problems. Every developer has preferred languages, frameworks, and methodologies but these exist to solve business problems and, however important, are secondary to that end.

Familiar technologies:

  • PHP: Laravel, Craft CMS, Wordpress
  • Python: Flask
  • Node: Express
  • Javascript: Vanilla, ES6/Babel, Backbone, Angular 1.x, Vue
  • Task runners, compilers: Webpack, Gulp, Grunt
  • AWS: EC2, S3, CloudFront 
  • VM: Vagrant, Docker, MAMP
  • Git

Public speaking and writing:

Notable projects:

Familiar business and process tools:

  • Jira
  • Trello
  • Harvest
  • Basecamp
  • Github


  • Positive outlook, attitude, and influence on company culture
  • Realistic perspective on project scope and deadlines
  • Writing maintainable, flexible, well-documented code
  • Mentorship and sharing knowledge

Work history:

Senior Developer, Able Lending; Austin, TX — 2016-2017

Responsible for the implementation of Able Lending’s marketing site in Craft CMS with a strong emphasis on SEO. Also built much of the onboarding flow for loan applicants with Angular 1.x and a Python/Flask back-end to accommodate a unique small business lending model.

Developer, Vector Media Group; NYC via Austin, TX — 2014-2016

Responsible for back-end CMS implementation (primarily Craft CMS) as well as front-end Javascript web app development for notable clients such as CERN and Associated Press. While not a project manager myself, I often led conference calls with clients and stakeholders and acted as a primary point of contact.

Developer, Happy Cog; Austin, TX — 2013-2014

Responsible for web development primarily as a back-end developer with CMS implementation. Also responsible for advanced JavaScript development such as custom plugin creation andSPA dev with Backbone.js. CMSs used include Craft CMS, WordPress, and Drupal. Became very familiar with SASS, Grunt, and better front-end skills. Worked very closely with content strategists, designers, front-end developers, and project managers through all project phases.

Developer, Bold; Danville, CA — 2011-2013

Responsible for website and web application development including back-end development and Javascript custom UI components. Website creation with ExpressionEngine with deep customization via custom plugins, modules and extensions. Web application development with CodeIgniter and Laravel PHP frameworks. Specialties include Pinterest-style Javascript bookmarklet, custom EE translation extension, custom day planner UI built on jQuery UI and Backbone.js and more. Interfaced directly with clients as well as client development teams.

Senior Director of Development, Design Centric; Remote from Livermore CA — 2010-2011

Responsible for website development and web application development with Drupal, WordPress and Adobe Flex. Also responsible for another developer. Developed many custom modules and plugins for Drupal and WordPress as well as implementing existing modules to create e-commerce sites such as subscription membership sites and online stores.

Developer, Freelance; Livermore, CA — 2009-2010

Developed rich internet applications with Adobe Flex such as an image annotation tool for and first iterations of Music Stand in AIR for Launched several WordPress sites under contract with Design Centric and a NFP ExpressionEngine site for