Atlas at CERN

Giving the Client Ultimate Flexibility

My first project at Vector Media Group was to complete the Drupal implementation for the Atlas Project (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN. I was the main point of contact for much of the project, interfacing directly with scientists.

The client expected a great degree of control over the layout of each page and the ability to use design features like two-column layout sections, image galleries, featured content areas, etc. on any page in any order. To mitigate the risk of constant iteration or disappointed expectations, I created a shortcode system to use within a single WYSIWIG field and provided very detailed documentation. They were very happy with that system and eagerly took on the work of building out all of their pages on their own--work that would have otherwise fallen on our plate and extended an already-stretched timeline.

I did ask if they were going to create any black holes and when I heard a chuckle I mentioned that perhaps there should be some international governance around the creation and disposal of such things. But, what do I know?

You can read the case study at Vector Media Group's site.