Able Lending

Sr Developer for an Alternative Lending Company

I went to Able Lending because of the narratives of small businesses gaining access to capital when they could not qualify for SBA loans; in cases saving the business or being able to purchase inventory to keep things rolling. The clincher was when I saw that a friend, Kirsten Dickerson of Raven and Lilly, was able to purchase inventory and keep her stores going. Raven and Lilly has two storefronts in Austin and provides women around the world access to fair trade jobs.

I started by implementing an onboarding form wizard to assist customers in recruiting backers for a portion of their loan. (Note: The "Friends and Family" loan model doesn't exist today.) We used Python with Flask and SQLAlchemy for the API and Angular 1.4 for the client-side application. It was my first introduction to Angular and I picked it up quickly.

I also completed the Craft CMS implementation for the marketing site working very closely with our designer, front-end developer, and SEO consultant to create a very flexible page-builder that allowed us to use design components to build fully responsive pages from top to bottom while keeping SEO at the forefront of our efforts.

I enjoyed my time at Able very much and wish them all the best as they adapt in an ever-changing landscape.