First Commit

June 13, 2014
git add .
git commit -m "First commit"

It's usually the first step of a project and it feels good in a Captain Obvious sort of way.

This iteration of my personal site has been a long time coming, a long-neglected project of my own. I look around at other designers' and developers' websites that seem to suffer the same neglect and realize I'm in good company. A lot of notable designers and developers haven't updated their sites in years. We're the working class, chasing the dream of work/life balance.

I'm launching this thing unfinished and I'll grow it along the way. Seems to be the only way stuff gets done for a lot of us. Perfection is the first enemy of progress. The second enemy is sloppiness, but that's a story for later.

For now, read more about me 'cuz that's all I got.