Sam Hernandez

is a full stack problem solver living in Austin, TX with over a decade of experience in CMS implementation and building api-driven web applications.

Developer [, Musician, & Audio Engineer]

I've been building websites and web applications for for 15 years--back when we called them Rich Internet Applications. In a previous life I was a touring musician and live audio engineer.

I’m happy to be part of the team at Pixel & Tonic, the makers of Craft CMS. I specialize in Craft CMS and front-end technologies like Vue.js, and I have a wide range of skills and experience.

When it comes to CMS implementation, I care a great deal about author experience, an often-overlooked aspect of client service. I know the dread of going to work to deal with a terrible CMS experience day in and day out. I take that empathy and turn it into (hopefully) enjoyable experiences for people who will use what I create for them to use. This is why I prefer Craft CMS to other popular options like WordPress and Drupal.

When it comes to web applications, I started with Adobe Flex many years ago. Now I'm very comfortable with JavaScript frameworks like Vue. I've done everything from synced video playback, to form wizards, to a fully responsive property search application with maps and lists.

I still play bass (even a little session work here and there) and mix live audio on the weekends. I find many parallels between the service of mixing live audio and software development. I find them both artistically satisfying.