Sam Hernandez

is a full stack problem solver living in Austin, TX with over a decade of experience in CMS implementation and building api-driven web applications.

Developer [, Musician, & Audio Engineer]

I've been building websites and web applications for for 15 years--back when we called them Rich Internet Applications. In a previous life I was a touring musician and live audio engineer.

I'm available for full-time hire and contract. While I specialize in Craft CMS and front-end technologies like Angular, I have a wide range of skills and experience. I catch on quickly.

When it comes to CMS implementation, I care a great deal about author experience; an often-overlooked aspect of client service. I know what it's like to dread going to work because you have to deal with a terrible CMS experience day in and day out. I take that empathy and turn it into (hopefully) enjoyable experiences for people who will use what I create for them to use. This is why I prefer Craft CMS to other popular options like WordPress and Drupal.

When it comes to web applications, I've been doing it since we called them Rich Internet Applications and built them with Adobe Flex. Now we call them SPA (Single Page Applications) and build them with frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. I've done everything from form wizards to fully responsive property search applications with maps and lists.

I still play bass (even a little session work here and there) and mix live audio on the weekends. I find many parallels between the service of mixing live audio and software development. I find them both artistically satisfying.

Please check out what I do well and email me if you're in need of a people-focused developer with plenty of experience and a positive, can-do approach to work and life.